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Use these tips when finding the right orthodontist in Ripley WV

Finding the Right Orthodontist in Ripley WV

When you or your kids need orthodontic treatment, the last thing you want to do is settle. While you may think every orthodontist is more or less the same, it’s worth it to spend time finding the right orthodontist for your family. Here are some elements to consider when looking for an orthodontist who will be a great

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A Nice Looking Smile Isn’t Always a Healthy Smile

When people think about getting orthodontic treatment with braces or clear aligners, it’s often purely for cosmetic reasons. After all, if you know someone who has completed orthodontic treatment, the difference in their smile is what you notice. However, there are plenty of other benefits of getting orthodontic treatment beyond a nicer-looking smile. In fact, your smile could

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Discover how easy it is to do a free virtual consult with an orthodontist in Ripley WV

Why You Should Do a Virtual Consult with an Orthodontist

The world of orthodontics continues to evolve, and not only in terms of new treatment options like Invisalign. Due to advances in technology, getting started with orthodontic treatment is easier than ever. Here at Smith Orthodontics, you can now start your journey towards straighter teeth by doing a virtual consult.  How Do Virtual Consults Work? You can get

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