Finding the Right Orthodontist in Ripley WV

When you or your kids need orthodontic treatment, the last thing you want to do is settle. While you may think every orthodontist is more or less the same, it’s worth it to spend time finding the right orthodontist for your family. Here are some elements to consider when looking for an orthodontist who will be a great fit for your family as you or your kids go through treatment to get a healthy, beautiful smile. 

A Well-Educated Orthodontist

Every orthodontist needs to complete some pretty rigorous education to be able to practice orthodontics. Beyond finishing dental school, they will need to take additional coursework related to orthodontic treatment and complete a multi-year residency program to become certified. While this is the minimum level of education required to open a private practice, the orthodontist you choose for your family should also keep up with the latest best practices and innovations in orthodontic technology with continuing education. 

Early Orthodontics

Most people are familiar with getting braces or Invisalign as a pre-teen or teenager, but many don’t realize how important early orthodontics is. In many cases, an early-phase orthodontic treatment can help kids avoid needing more intrusive surgeries or procedures in the future. 

When kids are about seven years old, they are at the prime age when jaw problems can be fixed relatively easily since their bones are still growing. By choosing an orthodontist who specializes in early orthodontics, you allow your child to get consistent orthodontic care throughout their development. 

Good Selection of Treatment Options

If you find an orthodontist who only offers silver metal braces, they are likely behind the times and need to catch up with the advances in orthodontics. Look for an orthodontist who offers treatment options like Invisalign Teen, which allows your teenagers to get straight teeth with clear, removable aligners. The system also comes with helpful features that keep them on track during their treatment. 

Younger kids can have fun with their smile during their time with braces by customizing their brackets with fun shapes from WildSmiles

Free Consultation Helps in Finding the Right Orthodontist

You and your kids should be able to get a good sense of what to expect from an orthodontist office without any pressure. Look for an orthodontist who lets you come for an initial exam at no cost, allowing you to see what treatment is needed, what your options are, and to meet the people who will be involved in your treatment. 

Here at Smith Orthodontics, you can count on expert treatment from Dr. Amy Smith, who is always staying up to date by taking courses on best practices and the latest technology. Your family can enjoy consistent treatment from the same orthodontist for all of your kids, even if they need early intervention with a two-phase treatment plan. We offer all forms of Invisalign in addition to traditional braces, ceramic braces, and fun options for kids like WildSmiles and Mascot Braces. 

Your first visit is totally free of charge and you’ll get to even see the results of your potential treatment thanks to the innovative iTero scanner. Contact Smith Orthodontics today to schedule your initial assessment and learn more about how you and your kids could benefit from orthodontic treatment.