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What to Expect When You Are Done with Braces

The moment is here…your braces are coming off and you’re finally able to enjoy all of the hard work you’ve done. Cue the parade music, cake and balloons! After all of the orthodontist appointments, adjustments, minor discomfort and food restrictions, you’re finally able to wear your smile like a badge of honor. Congratulations! You should be very proud

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Learn why you need a retainer after you're done with orthodontic treatment in Ripley or Parkersburg WV

Why Do I Need a Retainer?

You may be wondering how important a retainer really is after treatment with braces or aligners. Is your orthodontist being a little too strict about you wearing one, or is this piece of equipment, in fact, a key player in maintaining your smile for life? Your orthodontist is correct when they say wearing your retainer for the rest

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The best orthodontist in Ripley WV explains why you might need braces again.

Why Would I Need Braces Again?

Most of us never expect that when our braces finally come off we will ever need them again. After all, we put a lot of work into our treatment and there’s no way we’re going to mess it up. Although you may have been completely compliant with your treatment responsibilities, factors can contribute to another round of orthodontic

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Learn how retainers are made from the best orthodontist in Ripley WV

How Different Types of Retainers are Made

Once you are done wearing braces or Invisalign aligners, you’ll get to unveil your beautiful new smile. However, your work still isn’t quite finished. An essential part of orthodontic correction is maintaining the progress your teeth have made by wearing a retainer. Not everyone will get the same type of retainer since each person’s needs will be different,

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Learn the differences of getting a permanent or removeable retainer.

Should I Get a Permanent or Removable Retainer?

After making it to the end of your orthodontic treatment, the last thing you want is to undo some of the work that went into making your perfect smile. Thankfully, the simple solution to preserving your straight teeth is wearing a retainer. In general, the types of retainers for orthodontic patients can be broken down into permanent and

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wear a retainer Smith Orthodontics in Parkersburg and Ripley, WV

Do Teeth Move Back After Invisalign?

Invisalign clear aligners are no different than traditional braces when it comes to the chance of “relapsing” in your orthodontic treatment. Relapsing occurs when a patient’s teeth move back because they do not take proper care of their post-braces smile and neglect to wear a retainer, forget when to wear it, or do not have it replaced when

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The best orthodontist in Ripley WV discusses if getting braces off hurts

Does Getting Braces Off Hurt?

One of the most common questions patients have for their orthodontist is “does getting braces off hurt?” While this is a prevalent concern, patients are often relieved to learn that discomfort is minimal. Dr. Amy Smith with Smith Orthodontics stresses that pain from braces rarely occurs, and when it does, it can be remedied fairly easily. If you

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Do Braces Cause Gum Recession? Smith Orthodontics in Parkersburg and Ripley, WV

Do Braces Cause Gum Recession?

With the start of the new year, you might be considering getting braces to improve your smile. While there are multiple benefits to braces and orthodontic care, you might worry that braces cause gum recession. If this is one of your concerns, keep reading to learn more about the relationship between gum recession and braces. What is gum

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