Do Teeth Move Back After Invisalign?

Invisalign clear aligners are no different than traditional braces when it comes to the chance of “relapsing” in your orthodontic treatment. Relapsing occurs when a patient’s teeth move back because they do not take proper care of their post-braces smile and neglect to wear a retainer, forget when to wear it, or do not have it replaced when needed. 

The Importance of Wearing a Retainer after Treatment

Most orthodontists agree on the best practices for retention: wear your retainer and follow your practitioner’s protocols. This may seem like a very basic concept, but many smiles shift back after braces due to the patient’s lack of care. The National Library of Medicine published research concluding “there was a trend that teeth relapsed to their original position out of retention.” 

Orthodontic Practice US, a leading publication in the field, put out some jaw-dropping statistics when it comes to patients’ aftercare practices. The article said a study by Kacer, et al., found that when it came to retainer wear at three months post-braces, 31% of patients already did not follow protocol. At seven to nine months, that jumped up to 45% of patients who disregarded directions. We don’t have to say it, do we? Don’t become a statistic.

The inventor of the first retainer, Dr. Hawley, passed on a statement made by one of his former colleagues that perfectly sums it up: “Any fool can move teeth, but it takes a wise man to make them stay.” He may have been referring to other orthodontists, but it can be said the same applies to patients; be wise when it comes to making post-treatment a priority.

Didn’t Wear Your Retainer? We Have A Back-Up Plan 

The good news is even if you’ve been a bit of a fool when it comes to your dental duties, some orthodontists offer services to get your teeth back on track. The staff at Smith Orthodontics are big fans of the Invisalign brand and offer a version called Invisalign Touch Up that will help your teeth get back in shape after you’ve fallen short. 

This innovation from Invisalign allows a patient to address problem areas only and can rewind retainer issues quickly. Don’t make ignoring your oral hygiene a bad habit, but if you catch relapse early on, the damage can be reversible. 

Invisalign aligners are made from top-quality, proprietary materials, and you can depend on the brand to deliver a consistent product. There are many options available for those seeking clear aligners for treatment, and Smith can help you decide what is best for you by scheduling a consultation to discuss your smile

Also remember, If you happen to break or lose a retainer, Smith can help you get a replacement. It’s essential that you don’t let your retainer become too worn-out because it will be as ineffective as not wearing one at all. 

It’s extremely important to wear your retainer as directed, and the Smith Orthodontics team does a thorough job explaining exactly how and when to use retainers. You’re the one who has to live with your smile, why not make sure it stays in tip-top shape? 

It isn’t hard to get into a daily retainer routine, and remember, it won’t be this way forever. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to shift to nightly or every-other-day wear, and your retainer will be a reminder of all the work you’ve done (and don’t want to throw away).