Express Yourself With WildSmiles Braces

It’s time to say goodbye to boring braces and welcome a new way to straighten teeth while maintaining personal style and confidence. Let’s face it…braces can be daunting for kids. They may feel as though they won’t look the same and may develop some self-confidence issues just thinking about getting braces. But their experience doesn’t have to be that way! It’s time for them to discover WildSmiles Braces!

What Are WildSmiles Braces?

WildSmiles Braces are a unique alternative to traditional metal braces, offering a way for patients to have fun with their treatment and express their individual style. These specially designed braces come in several shapes, including:

  • Stars
  • Flowers
  • Hearts
  • Footballs
  • Super diamonds
  • Sports balls

WildSmiles even offers official Disney Braces! The brackets on these braces are shaped like Mickey Mouse’s iconic ears and are perfect for any Disney lover.

All of the shapes are great for kids who are apprehensive about getting braces and are looking for a way to have fun with them.

The Benefits of WildSmiles

Not only are WildSmiles Braces fun, they’re also way to personalize your child’s braces experience. WildSmiles gives patients more self-confidence to smile in photos or show off their unique look in front of others, instead of hiding in the background.

Patients can even mix and match their colored elastics with WildSmiles Braces to create a more custom look. Enjoy the seasons or holidays with fun color combinations or sport your favorite colors to match your favorite shapes. Anything is possible with WildSmiles.

Trusted Results With WildSmiles

WildSmiles doesn’t lose sight of the end goal, which is to correct various issues with the teeth. That’s why WildSmiles focuses on providing the same results as traditional braces, while adding a little pizazz to the whole process. Utilizing quality American-made brackets, WildSmiles works and is trusted by many orthodontists who want to offer their patients more options and make them more comfortable during the treatment process.

WildSmiles: A Proven Treatment Plan

Imagine having fun with your braces while correcting the issues with your teeth all at once. Braces don’t have to be scary and patients don’t need to be nervous about getting them. WildSmiles is proven to provide results and is popular with patients. In offering new and improved types of treatment, orthodontists are able to correct a variety of issues in many patients, who all have the same goal in mind…to achieve an award-winning smile. It’s all possible with WildSmiles.