Disney Braces: Braces Your Kids Will be Excited to Wear

Your kids will definitely love having straight teeth and getting fewer cavities, but it’s unlikely that they’ll be super excited about starting orthodontic treatment with braces. However, you have plenty of options available to not only reduce their anxiety about having braces, but to get them counting down the days until they get them. One of the best options for kids is the WildSmiles collection.

WildSmiles Braces

When kids think about getting braces, it can be easy for them to worry about getting teased or feeling self-conscious about their smiles. In the past, kids had to settle for bulky, boring silver braces that would make them hide their teeth instead of smiling proudly.

But now, kids have more options than ever for fun braces that will have them looking for excuses to show off their smiles. One fantastic option is WildSmiles Braces, which is a fun collection of bracket shapes that replace the rectangular metal brackets.

The best part is there is something for every kid to love. Some of the most popular bracket shapes include hearts, stars, and diamonds. There are also different sports ball shapes for all of the aspiring athletes out there, including footballs and basketballs.

Disney Braces

The newest addition to the WildSmiles lineup is a certain familiar set of mouse ears. Kids can now show off their smiles and reveal fun brackets shaped like Mickey Mouse, bringing some exciting Disney magic to the process of straightening teeth.

So when you have your next family movie night, your kids will get to be the ultimate Disney fan!

How Disney Braces Work

Disney Braces may look fun, but as a parent you’re really more concerned about how they work. Understandably so, since you are the one who will be paying for them. The mouse-ear-shaped brackets, and the rest of the WildSmiles shapes, were created by an orthodontist, Dr. Clarke Stevens, who was inspired by a patient’s heart-shaped necklace charm that was the same size as an orthodontic bracket.

He used this inspiration to create brackets that are both fun and functional. WildSmiles are attached to the teeth and connected with wires, just like regular braces, and they work just as hard to correct the toughest issues.

So while your kids will be excited about showing off their style while they smile, they’ll also be getting effective orthodontic treatment.

Color Bands

Kids can further personalize their Disney Braces with colored elastics. Whether they decide to go with traditional Mickey colors—black, red, yellow and white—or opt for seasonal or their favorite colors, they’ll have fun picking which ones they want at every appointment.

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