Why Teens Should Get Braces During the Summer

While we’re firm believers that it’s always a good time to improve your smile, picking the right time for you to begin treatment will be quite helpful. In particular, it’s a good idea to get your teen started in braces over the summer before the start of the school year. By scheduling an orthodontic exam over summer break, your teen will enjoy a smoother transition into life with braces.

Getting Used to Food Restrictions

One of the most important things for teens with braces to avoid is eating foods that can harm brackets and wires, especially crunchy foods like apples and nuts and sticky candies like taffy. Tough meats like steak or jerky will also be no-gos while completing orthodontic treatment with braces.

This can be a significant adjustment to make, so it helps to have some time over summer break to experiment with different meals and food choices so they’ll feel comfortable by the time the school year begins. Ideally, you should have your teen start their new meal plan a couple of weeks before they get their braces on to help them get used to what they can and can’t eat even before treatment begins.

Adjusting to Playing an Instrument with Braces

If your teen plays a brass or wind instrument, they will likely find themselves a bit frustrated when they try to practice after getting their braces. The presence of the metal braces means they’ll have to adjust to playing their instrument after they start orthodontic treatment.

If they get their braces in when school starts, they may be sidelined for a little bit while they learn to play their instrument successfully with their braces. But over the course of the summer, they should have plenty of time to adjust and return to form just in time for band practice and performances.

Staying on Top of Cleaning

Starting orthodontic treatment with braces over the summer also gives teens enough time to master their new cleaning routine before the busy school year starts. Teens should be brushing after every meal and flossing at least once per day when they have braces. It’s also a great idea to add supplemental tools like mouthwash and water flossers to their cleaning routine for extra effectiveness.

If your teen gets braces before the start of the school year, they won’t have to deal with the added stress of cleaning their teeth more on top of the stress of transitioning back into studying and extracurricular activities.

Getting Used to Their New Smile

While braces are far subtler than they used to be, it can still be a bit jarring for some teens to take a look at their new smile once they have their braces. But over the course of the summer and after spending time with their closest friends, they’ll feel much more confident showing off their smile with braces once the school year starts.

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