Which Types of Braces Work the Fastest?

As with other things in life, patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to orthodontic treatment. Your ideal smile won’t come overnight, but the results will be well worth the wait! However, innovations in orthodontics over the years have given orthodontists the ability to give their patients incredible results in less time. Here are the types of braces that work the fastest if you’re hoping to get your perfect smile with less of a wait.

Braces with Propel VPro

Most patients are familiar with the way braces work. The combination of metal brackets, elastic bands, and wires is a proven way to straighten teeth and end up with a new smile. But what’s also well-known is that this option for braces can take a while, sometimes even up to a couple of years or longer.

But you can get to the finish line sooner by using the Propel VPro system. This orthodontic technology solution speeds up the rate at which your teeth move while in braces or Invisalign. One of the best parts of using this device is you can use it at home at your own convenience and you only have to use it for five minutes each day for it to be effective.

Speaking of which, it is, in fact, highly effective. The device applies a high frequency to your teeth, speeding up movement and reducing treatment time by up to 64%.


This modern orthodontic treatment option provides a wide variety of benefits for patients, most notably the fact that the aligners are completely clear. And the ability to remove your aligners means you won’t have to deal with the food restrictions typical of braces. Brushing and flossing are also made easier by using Invisalign to straighten your teeth.

Since Invisalign is a custom treatment made specifically for your teeth, it can move your teeth more quickly compared to traditional braces. Typically, patients who begin Invisalign will be done with treatment in two years or less, with many patients getting done in under a year.

Invisalign Lite

Some patients simply won’t need as serious or as many corrections. For patients who only need moderate or minor movement, Invisalign Lite is a great option. This treatment comes with fewer trays than Invisalign Complete and will be done in about six or seven months.

Invisalign Express

Some patients may have naturally straight teeth that only need subtle correction. But most often, this treatment is best for patients whose teeth have regressed after an initial treatment with braces. This can happen when patients either don’t wear their retainer or fail to replace it when it gets lost or broken. Invisalign Express is the shortest version of Invisalign you can get and will allow you to complete treatment in under six months.

No matter which treatment you end up getting, the best way to make sure you complete treatment in as little time as possible is to make it to your appointments on time and to take good care of your orthodontic appliances. And at the end of the day, the most important thing is not which braces work the fastest, but which treatment will provide the results you want.

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