What Are the Cons of Invisalign?

If you’ve been doing some research on how to straighten out your smile, you’ve probably discovered there are several options out there that will get the job done. Traditional metal braces are still a great option for some orthodontic patients, but clear aligners are becoming a more popular pick on the market. To help you make the right decision, you may be taking note of the pros and cons of Invisalign. We’ve compiled a list of reasons to go for it and aspects that may make you shy away, but we’ll let a conscious consumer like you make the final decision.

Invisalign Pro: Easy on the Eyes

Invisalign’s clear design makes it nearly undetectable. The patented material, SmartTrack, is made to fit your teeth comfortably and closely, making those around you second guess if you even have an orthodontist. Invisalign utilizes iTero 3D technology to scan your teeth and get a precise mold that will be used to craft your ideal grin. In fact, you can even see what your smile will look like ahead of time. 

You can straighten your teeth while still smiling in photos, skipping out on that awkward closed-mouth smirk used to cover metal braces. Feel confident at your next big event without giving up your grin goals.

Invisalign Pro: In-n-Out

No, we aren’t talking about the popular burger joint, but this plus side of clear aligners is still quite desirable. Invisalign retainers are easily removable, making eating a juicy burger and fries as easy as it always was. Cleaning between brackets and avoiding unsightly stains can make having metal braces a tedious task for the blasé brusher. 

If you don’t want to worry about changing your oral hygiene routine, then Invisalign might be the right choice for your chompers. There won’t be a “foods to avoid” list tucked inside your Invisalign directions; the aligners are simple to take in and out and are designed to be removed while eating.

Invisalign Pro: Down To The Wire(s)

Choosing Invisalign over traditional metal braces means no broken brackets or snapped wires piercing your cheeks and poking your gums. Not only do metal braces come with the occasional “ouch,” the break sometimes requires an extra visit to your orthodontist. 

Invisalign Con: Forget-Me-Nots

Because clear aligners like Invisalign come with the added freedom of easy removal, users need to be mindful about when they’re taking them out. You’ll need to be a bit more hands-on with your treatment and be disciplined in putting your Invisalign back in when it’s supposed to be worn. 

Even the most forgetful of teens can have a reminder to wear their aligners with the blue compliance indicator dots. The dots will fade when the aligners are worn correctly, so if you still see blue, your teeth are likely feeling blue and not moving as they should.

Invisalign Con: Right Guy, Wrong Time

Invisalign is an excellent option in orthodontic care, but sometimes your mouth may need more work. Certain complications cannot be addressed as well with Invisalign as they could be with traditional metal braces. To get the most out of your treatment, you’ll want to consult with your orthodontist about any limitations Invisalign might have in getting you your perfect smile. 

Invisalign can often be utilized once the heavy-lifting is done as a final-phase part of your process, so ask your practitioner if this might be an option for you. 

It’s clear that the pros of getting Invisalign outweigh the cons. The aligners are virtually invisible, make maintenance easy, and deliver the same results as traditional braces with less hassle. Unless you’re worried about losing your aligners, forgetting to put them in, or you have specific problems only metal braces can fix, talk to your orthodontist about getting Invisalign today.