Were Your Braces Designed in Space?

Believe it or not, your braces may contain a type of metal that was developed by NASA. And while it may seem like this would make your orthodontic treatment with braces more complicated, it actually helps simplify your treatment. By using braces that incorporate space-age wire, you can enjoy a more convenient treatment experience with fewer trips to the orthodontist.

What Are Space-Age Braces?

Using a special metal originally developed for space-stations, space-age braces are an innovative solution that improves your treatment experience. The metal is a nickel-titanium alloy formulated to react to heat. And while the original function was for the metal to react to heat from the sun, the same wire used in your braces react to heat from your body.

Space-age wire can be formed into a precise shape and then bent without breaking or cracking. As the metal reacts to heat, it slowly returns to its original shape. See where this is going?

How Do Space-Age Wires Work in Braces?

To make your braces, orthodontists use the shape-shifting characteristics of this specialized metal alloy to their advantage — and to your benefit. The metal wires of your brackets actually have a “memory” and move back to their original shape on their own due to the heat of your mouth. When you first get your braces, the space-age wire will be heated up and molded based on the first phase of orthodontic movement. Then, it gets cooled down and fitted to your teeth.

As you simply go about each day, your body heat activates the wire, causing it to slowly move back into the original position, moving your teeth with it. This motion happens at an ideal pace to avoid damaging your teeth or causing any pain. Plus, the wire will stop moving once it’s at the correct position for the current phase of treatment.

Advantages of Space-Age Wire

Adding this futuristic material to your braces is a great way to make your orthodontic treatment go smoothly and quickly. The automatic motion of your braces is a huge advantage because you won’t have to make visits to the orthodontist’s office as frequently. Plus, visits will be shorter and more pleasant, since your orthodontist won’t need to spend time tightening your braces. Instead, they will replace the old wires with a new set of wires to activate the next phase of orthodontic correction.

Space-age wire is also a very durable material. Since it is resistant to snapping, you reduce the risk of damaging your braces while you’re in the process of straightening your teeth. This will help you get to the end of treatment on time.

And speaking of time, thanks to the fact that your braces are moving on their own, your treatment time will be shorter with space-age wire. So not only will you be able to enjoy a low-stress treatment process, but you will also get to see your new smile sooner.

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