The Best Braces for Adults

While it’s typical for kids and teenagers to complete orthodontic treatment with braces, adults tend to be a bit hesitant to have braces. However, braces could be your best option for getting the smile you’ve always wanted. And when you straighten your smile, you’ll find there are plenty of benefits you’ll enjoy beyond your smile’s appearance. 

Why Get Braces as an Adult? 

If you skipped out on getting braces when you were younger, you should seriously consider starting treatment even if you’re past your teens. If you’re wanting to improve your confidence and make your smile the best it can be, it’s time to start treatment. 

Getting braces also isn’t just for looks. When you get rid of crowding, spacing, and crookedness, you’ll make it easier to clean out your teeth while getting rid of the spaces food particles and plaque can get trapped in. As a result, you can expect to get fewer cavities after getting braces. Many patients also experience reduced jaw pain after completing treatment and often report having an easier time speaking and eating. 

Which Types of Braces Are Best for Adults? 

If you decided not to get braces when you were younger, you’ll be impressed by how much braces have improved over the years. Modern braces are much more understated and less bulky, resulting in a less noticeable appearance and better comfort. So even if you stick with traditional silver braces, odds are you’ll be quite content with how your smile looks and feels every day. 

However, there are other kinds of braces you can explore as an adult, such as: 

Gold braces: Want to have a little more fun with your smile while you straighten your teeth? Then you should check out gold braces. The fun hue of gold braces creates a classy and eye-catching look you’ll be excited to show off rather than wanting to hide your smile. 

Ceramic braces: If less visibility is what you’re aiming for, ceramic braces may be the right option for you. The brackets are clear or stained to match the color of your teeth, making your braces less visible while still effectively treating a wide range of malocclusions. 

Mascot Braces®: College students definitely still qualify as adults, and you can add to your college experience by starting treatment with Mascot Braces. Support different college teams and rock your school spirit while you improve your smile. 

How to Find the Right Braces for You

If you’re curious about starting orthodontic treatment with braces, it’s time to complete a virtual consultation through our website. All you have to do is capture a few photos of your teeth and submit them with your cell phone. We’ll also ask you for some additional information about your teeth to get a better idea of which treatment options may be right for you. We’ll then send you a few treatment recommendations along with a quote. Once you’ve had a chance to review the information, you’ll come to our office for a free initial exam to nail down a treatment plan and to get started. Contact Smith Orthodontics today to learn more!