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A misaligned bite can sometimes be fixed with braces in Parkersburg WV

How a Misaligned Bite Can Be Bad for Your Smile

The primary type of correction most people associate with orthodontics is straightening teeth. While this is the most visible change most of the time, orthodontic treatment can also fix misaligned bites, which is vital for having a healthy smile. Bite problems come in various forms, each of which can cause major issues with the appearance and overall health

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Learn why your child might need an expander before getting braces in Ripley or Parkersburg WV

Why Does My Child Need an Expander?

When you bring your child into our orthodontic office to discuss potential early phase orthodontic treatment options, you may end up hearing your child needs a palatal expander. Not every child who undergoes early orthodontics will need one, but it could be beneficial in certain cases. Expander for Teeth A palatal expander is a small device that gets

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