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Should your teen get braces or Invisalign from an orthodontist in Ripley WV?

Should My Teen Get Invisalign or Braces in Ripley WV?

If you have a teenager who is ready to start orthodontic treatment, you have some great options available. While braces are more advanced than ever, it’s understandable that they might want an invisible option like Invisalign. If you’re still wondering whether your teen should get braces or Invisalign, here are some facts to help you out.  Benefits of

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Should your teen get their wisdom teeth removed? The best orthodontist in Ripley WV

Is It Wise to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

One familiar rite of passage many teens experience is having their wisdom teeth removed. Given that this procedure obviously affects the teeth and it happens around the time many people get braces, you’re likely wondering how wisdom teeth affect orthodontics. As it turns out, the answer isn’t so straightforward.  What Are Wisdom Teeth? Most people spend their teen

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