Showing Your Team Spirit with Your Smile

Football season is finally here! Whether you’re a die-hard high school or college football fan, prefer the pros, or like a different sport altogether, showing your team spirit can be easy! You have all of the jerseys, decorations for your room, and other fun memorabilia, but you want to do more. We get it. Following a sports team is not only fun, you get the chance to have some edge-of-your-seat moments, bond with other fans, and celebrate your team’s victories.

So, why not embrace your love of the game with your smile? With some of the options available at your orthodontist’s office, showing your team spirit with your smile is not only easy, it’s fun!

Show Your Spirit with WildSmiles

Are you a #1 fan? Then, listen up! WildSmiles makes it easy (and fun) to express yourself with your braces. WildSmiles is more than just colorful bands, the brackets are shaped like some of your favorite sports and hobbies. Show your team spirit by choosing football-shaped brackets and make the other kids in class envious! Other fun shapes include:

  • Sports balls
  • Stars
  • Hearts
  • Flowers

If you want to show everyone how much you love your team, WildSmiles can help. Not only can you choose the shape of your brackets to show off your love of the game, you can even opt for your team’s colors as the finishing touch to your look. You’ve waited several long months to be able to watch your team play again, so let’s celebrate it with your smile!

Cheer Your Team on with Mascot Braces

Like WildSmiles, Mascot Braces are another unique way to highlight your favorite team. Mascot Braces are available in a variety of popular college mascot shapes, so you can really show others you’re a top fan. And like WildSmiles, Mascot Braces allow you to complement your look perfectly. Simply, choose the bracket shape of your favorite team and pair it with their colors for your rubber bands. If you’ve got a favorite team, Mascot Braces may be the right choice for you.

Celebrate the Victories with Colored Bands

Maybe you don’t want to commit to a bracket shape for the duration of your treatment, and that’s totally fine. There’s an option out there for you too! If you have a favorite team, we’re willing to bet you know their color scheme. We’re also pretty sure you have some clothing to match, so why not match your braces too? Choose rubber bands in your team’s colors to coordinate with your team spirit wardrobe.

Smile, it’s Game Time!

So, when the bright lights pop on and the field is alive with players, you can be confidently cheering them on from the stands, sporting their colors and a cool smile. When you have braces, you have something others don’t…the opportunity to have fun with them and cheer on your favorite team in the process. Take advantage of all the opportunities you have to customize your smile, and remember…GO TEAM!