Should My Kids Get Braces at the Same Time?

When it’s time for your kids to get braces, you’ll likely have many questions about their dual treatment: “Should my kids get braces at the same time?” “What are the pros and cons of each method of treatment?” Keep reading below to decide if having your kids get braces at the same time is right for your family. 

Pro: Planning Braces-Friendly Meals and Snacks Once

While your children have braces, they’ll need to avoid hard foods like ice, nuts, and popcorn, as well as sticky foods like taffy and caramel. Accommodating individual food preferences is hard enough; add in the need to work around braces and you may find the task overwhelming. Limiting all your children’s food at one time is actually easier. All your kids will be on the same braces diet and have to avoid the same foods, which makes it easier for you—and them!—to remember what to eat. When going out to eat, you’ll be able to more easily plan a braces-friendly restaurant, and you won’t have to spread out the braces diet over several treatments; you’ll only go through it once. 

Pro: Same Appointment Times

If you have multiple kids with braces and you separate their treatment, you will have at least double the appointments and drive time. If all your kids have braces at the same time, you can plan their appointments for the same day. This means less driving for you and less time in braces overall. Instead of having kids get braces back to back, they’ll start and finish treatment around the same time.

Pro: Sibling Camaraderie

If your kids are all going through treatment simultaneously, they’ll be able to bond about the trials and tribulations of braces. They can handle the highs and lows together, and encourage each other to practice good braces hygiene. They also won’t be tempted to tease their siblings about their braces, because they’ll be wearing them too!

Con: Cost of Braces

Orthodontic treatment comes at a cost, and having multiple kids with braces at the same time can seem cost prohibitive. However, Smith Orthodontics offers a discount for families with multiple kids in treatment. This discount will actually save you money if you have multiple kids in braces simultaneously. You are also able to use HSA and FSA funds to cover the cost of orthodontic treatment, and Smith Orthodontics will work with you to find the most cost effective way to pay for treatment, including interest-free payment plans.

When deciding whether to have more than one kid in braces at the same time, the pros outweigh the cons. You will save both time and money by getting them simultaneous treatment, and your kids will be able to support each other throughout their orthodontic journey. If you are ready to take the next step, please contact Smith Orthodontics to schedule a free consultation!