Making Braces Fun for Kids

We know some kids may be reluctant to see the bright side of braces. They may be worried about the discomfort of orthodontic treatment or may be self-conscious about how it will look. However, orthodontists are making braces fun for kids by allowing them to express themselves and show their creative sides with their treatment.

Kids, especially preteens and teens, are always exploring ways to express themselves as a way to make a mark on their world. You want your kids to wear braces so they can have a healthy, brilliant smile for life. Smith Orthodontics offers a way you both can get what you want.

WildSmiles and Mascot Braces

Your kid will love expressing themselves with WildSmiles Braces. WildSmiles offers the same premium, safe orthodontic treatment as regular braces, but adds a flash of personality by letting patients choose and combine unique bracket shapes. With WildSmiles, your kid can design their braces to be just as unique as they are, with shapes like stars, hearts, footballs, diamonds, even Mickey Mouse.

Smith Orthodontics offers Mascot Braces to help your teen or college student show their home team pride! Mascot Braces come in a variety of popular college mascot shapes. You can even pair Mascot Braces with team colors by adding colored rubber bands. This is a great way to show team spirit while getting a straighter smile.

Other Ways to Make Braces Fun for Kids

If your child prefers a more subtle way to make their braces their own, Smith also offers gold braces as a treatment option. Gold braces are made with the same durable and reliable materials as other braces, just with a gold coating that adds a touch of elegance to the wearer’s smile.

If you’re opting for Invisalign treatment for your child or teen, there’s still ways to make this orthodontic treatment fun! Invisalign offers an array of sticker packs called Stickables that are safe, water-resistant stickers you can deck out your aligners with. With Stickables, your child’s smile can be even more unique and express their fun, creative self.

Customizable aligner treatment doesn’t have to stop with aligners! Your child will also love all the ways they can decorate their aligner case. You can order custom-made cases with your child’s name on them, that way they’ll never be another mix up at a friend’s house again. Invisalign also offers a whole host of fun and exotic aligner and retainer cases that come in designs of all kinds from a lion or National Parks landmark photos to Van Gogh paintings. There’s so many ways kids can customize their cases and what’s inside their cases (with the added bonus that they may remember a bit better to always carry their case with them.)


In the end, your child will thank you for giving them a lifetime of healthy smiles. And now, your child will also thank you for making their orthodontic journey more fun by giving them so many opportunities to express themselves.The team at Smith Orthodontics can help make your child’s braces experience fun and memorable.