iTero Scanner: Improving Orthodontic Treatment for Patients

As we continue to evolve and grow, so does the technology we utilize in our day-to-day lives. It seems as though things are getting easier and more streamlined as technology continues to advance, making for additional accuracy and better services throughout many different industries. The field of orthodontics is reaping the benefits of these such advances with the emergence of iTero scanners. The iTero scanner is improving orthodontic treatment for patients in a variety of ways.

About the iTero Scanner

iTero scanning is a form of 3D imaging that has the ability to capture thousands of images within the mouth, revolutionizing the way orthodontic treatment is being designed. These images are then used to create one of the most accurate models of the entire mouth, capturing every aspect effectively. Taking up to 20 pictures per second, the iTero scanner then sends these images to a specialized screen and within a mere 10 minutes, a 3D model is constructed. Because of this efficiency, iTero scanners are one of the best tools for dentists and orthodontists to have in their arsenal to better help their patients.

Benefits of the iTero Scanner

There’s no need to take a mold of the teeth, making this a much more comfortable way for orthodontists to get the information they need to create the proper treatment. Some other benefits of the iTero scanner include:

  • More accurate than regular impressions
  • Faster
  • Cleaner
  • Better treatment plans are developed

The iTero scanner can also bring underlying problems to the surface that traditional impressions tend to miss, so orthodontists can develop a more effective treatment plan for the patient. The patient benefits from iTero scanning, because not only are they more comfortable during their scanning, they can get a glimpse of what the end result will look like before even beginning their orthodontic treatment.

How the iTero Scanner Works with Orthodontic Treatment

iTero scanners are especially effective when mapping out the course of treatment for Invisalign patients. Since the technology between iTero and Invisalign essentially work hand-in-hand , it’s quite simple for orthodontists to develop a treatment plan for the Invisalign system, utilizing the iTero scanner.

The Future of Orthodontics

Being able to capture the most accurate readings is essential in creating a plan that is going to be the most beneficial to the patient. In utilizing iTero scanners, orthodontists have access to some of the most powerful tools to help create some of the best results we’ve ever seen. The future of orthodontics is here and it’s looking bright. iTero scanners are changing the game when it comes to orthodontic treatment plans.