Is It Safe to Go to the Orthodontist Right Now?

At Smith Orthodontics, we are always looking out for the safety of our patients. While we are eager to help you get your perfect smile, our main concern is the health of our patients and our staff. That being said, we are still seeing patients and using the precautions necessary to keep everyone safe in the process. If you are wondering if it’s safe to go to the orthodontist right now, we want to let you know the steps we are taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

How We’re Making It Safe to Go to the Orthodontist

In the interest of keeping everyone safe, we are implementing these safety procedures for every patient who visits our office.

  • We ask that each patient brush and floss their teeth before visiting our office.
  • Each patient must fill out an updated informed consent form within 24 hours of their appointment.
  • Patients are asked to wait in their vehicles instead of the lobby until they are called into the office.
  • Both staff and patients will have their temperatures taken every morning. No one with a temperature exceeding 100.4 or other COVID-19 symptoms is permitted to enter the office.
  • To meet social distancing requirements, we are asking patients to enter through the front door and exit through a side door.
  • We ask that parents of patients who are minors remain in the vehicle unless it is the patient’s first appointment. We can give updates via text messages or phone calls.
  • Every patient will be asked to wash their hands and rinse with an antimicrobial mouth rinse before being seated for their appointment.
  • We ask that patients wear a mask whenever possible when entering and exiting our office. Each of our staff members will also be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times in our office.
  • To optimize the flow of patients in our office, every patient will be asked to schedule their next appointment before leaving. We ask that each patient let us know of any changes to their appointment as soon as possible.
  • We highly encourage “contactless” payments by using auto draft or our online payment system.

By carefully following these precautions, we are confident we can provide a safe environment while providing the same excellent standard of care.

Virtual Consult with Parkersburg and Ripley Orthodontist

If you are unsure about starting orthodontic treatment under normal circumstances, we understand you may be even more apprehensive about seeing an orthodontist for the first time right now. That’s why we offer free virtual consults that begin with a few photos you take with your phone. After reviewing the photos, we can chat with you over video and provide treatment options and cost estimates.

While not a complete replacement for an in-person exam, a virtual consult will give you preliminary information about fixing your smile without having to leave your home.

If you have any other questions about starting treatment or concerns about safety, feel free to call us at our Parkersburg or Ripley offices.