How to Choose the Best Braces Colors

Braces are an important way to achieve that gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted. Most patients who get braces know they’re going to be wearing them for at least several months, if not for a year or more. But did you also know you can “dress up” your braces by adding a pop of color?

From jewel tones like burgundy, navy or deep purple, to neon pinks, oranges and greens, there are hundreds of different shades of colored elastics to add some fun to your braces and express your personal style.

  • Darker colors suit people with lighter skin tones, while lighter colors suit darker complexions.
  • Clear or silver braces and color combinations are the least noticeable options.
  • White or pale yellow braces or rubber bands could make your teeth look yellow.
  • Black, green, or brown elastics may make you look like you have something stuck in your teeth.
  • Invisible aligners are great alternatives for people who don’t want to wear metal braces.

How many colors are available?

Unlike the early days of braces, there is a virtually endless selection of colors and shades to choose from for your braces. From bright cherry red to royal blue, or pastel shades of pink, purple, or teal, the sky’s the limit when adding a fun pop of color to your braces. Many orthodontists even offer a color wheel to help you pick the perfect color or color combination that will help you share your unique personality.

Which colors are right for me?

While there are some things to keep in mind to make your teeth look their best, there are no hard and fast rules for selecting the best colors for you. With so many options available, it may even be hard to pick just one! However, if you want to look your best, select colors and shades that work well with your hair color and skin tone or make your eyes stand out.

  • For darker skin tones, deep jewel tones like dark blue, magenta, or turquoise, as well as colors like light blue, light pink, hot pink, violet or pale green complement your skin well.
  • If you have an olive complexion, deep colors like berry, wine, dark purple or gold will really make your skin shine.
  • If you have a medium complexion with yellow or golden undertones, warm shades of green, blue, or pink would be a great choice.
  • Light skin tones look best with darker colors, such as navy blue, dark purple, maroon or even dark green. Just be careful that it doesn’t make it seem like something is stuck in your teeth!

If you want to make your eyes pop, consider green, purple or navy for brown eyes; purple, red, green, and bright orange for green eyes; or blue, pink, lilac, or coral to bring out your baby blues.

Your orthodontist can also help you pick out colors that contrast nicely with your teeth to make them look whiter. Don’t be afraid to ask your orthodontist for their opinion.

What if I don’t want to go crazy on the color?

While some people are all into accessorizing, some patients may not think of their braces as a form of self-expression. So, whether you need to go subtle or just want to play it cool, you still have several options available that may better fit your needs.

If you want to add a little extra sparkle but keep it simple, you could always dress up your braces with silver, gold, or metallic bands. These could be great choices to highlight a special event or occasion, like a dance or a wedding.

Adults who want to look professional and not draw a lot of attention to their treatment may prefer a neutral color that goes with everything, like clear or silver bands. Darker shades, like deep purple, navy blue, blue-black or maroon, are also trendy colors that make your teeth look strong and white without looking unprofessional. Just be aware that clear or white bands are prone to stains over time, and white or light yellow bands may make your teeth look yellow.

You can also consider getting traditional metal braces with silver or gold brackets, or going for ceramic braces, which work just as well as metal braces but are made of clear or tooth-colored ceramic material. Many patients also opt for clear aligners, which provide the same benefit as traditional braces, but in a less noticeable manner. Thanks to Invisalign Stickables, younger patients can personalize their aligners, creating a truly unique smile that’s all their own!


What should I consider when choosing my best braces colors?

With so many different colors available, choosing your color may not be as easy as it sounds! There are some things you may want to consider before choosing your braces colors, including:

  • Your diet. If you drink a lot of coffee, wine, or dark sodas, or eat foods that can stain your teeth, they could also stain your band colors.
  • The shade of your teeth. Like we mentioned above, some lighter color bands may not contrast well with your teeth, which could make them look tinted or yellowish. Your orthodontist can help you pick colors that accentuate your teeth, so your smile appears bright and shiny.
  • Your complexion and the clothes you wear most often. If you don’t like how you look wearing a certain color, or you already know you look awful in a certain color, you probably don’t want it on your braces.

What other ideas can I use for inspiration?

Before you hit the orthodontist’s chair, check out these ideas to help you narrow down your choice:

  • Favorite color: Make it easy – pick a color you already love! And if you love more than one favorite color, choose them both (or choose them all!) for a statement smile that is all you.
  • Match your outfit: Look at what colors you wear the most, then pick a braces color that goes well with them.
  • Holidays and events: Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Fourth of July, Halloween, Christmas, and many other holidays have signature colors. Get into holiday mode by matching your braces to an upcoming holiday. Also, consider coordinating your braces color for any special occasions like weddings or graduations.
  • Your favorite sports team: Show your team spirit by putting your favorite team’s colors on display with your braces! If you want to show school pride, you can also match the colors in your uniform or school logo, or mascot.
  • Celebrate the seasons: Go with pastels for spring, add bright neon colors for summer, oranges and reds for fall, and dark blues and purples for winter.
  • Support a cause: Support a favorite charity organization or event by wearing matching colors (like pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October or purple for Women’s History Month in March).

How often can I change my colors?

Good news! You can choose new colors every time you visit your orthodontist. Depending on how often you go to the orthodontist, that means you could end up with new colors every six to eight weeks. Since your orthodontist will replace your elastics at every visit to ensure the most effective treatment, you can choose new colors at every appointment. So, if you end up with a color or combination that doesn’t really work for you, you’ll be able to change your look before you know it!