How Orthodontic Treatment Has Improved Over the Last Two Decades

It’s well known that healthcare and medicine have improved dramatically over the past few decades, and the world of orthodontics is no exception to this. The past two decades have seen some impressive advancements in orthodontic treatment all across the board, from the initial patient visit to the end results. Here are some of the most exciting improvements in orthodontics you can experience when you visit our office. 

Virtual Consult

You can begin to take advantage of our advanced technology before you even step into the office. Completing a virtual consult is quick and easy. Just send over a few photos of your teeth along with some information about your dental health, and we’ll send over a personalized report detailing which treatment options could be right for you. 

iTero® Scanner

After the virtual consult, it’s time to visit the office for an in-person consultation to get a complete idea of what’s going on with your teeth and to finalize your treatment plan. During this process, you’ll have your teeth scanned using the iTero Scanner to gather accurate dental impressions.

Back in the old days, patients would have to sit with a putty-like substance in their mouths for five minutes in order to gather impressions. Oftentimes, these impressions would have to be refined because of how hard it was not to react to the unpleasant material. 

Now, this same information is gathered in as little as one minute with no impressions needed. Plus, you can even watch your digital rendering come to life in real-time as your teeth are scanned. Using these images, your orthodontist can make orthodontic appliances that are a precise fit for your teeth. 

Better Orthodontic Appliances

Orthodontic patients of the past know very well just how bulky and uncomfortable old-fashioned braces were. But modern-day braces offer a much different experience since they’re smaller and less abrasive to the mouth. 

There’s also the Invisalign Clear Aligner System, which originally came out in 1999. Ever since then, this system of clear, removable aligners has been steadily improving. When it first became a treatment option, it was somewhat limited and was mostly given to patients with less severe crookedness. Now, patients in need of more serious orthodontic corrections can use Invisalign thanks to Invisalign attachments. 

There are also more variations of Invisalign than ever, including shorter options like Invisalign Lite and Invisalign Express, and options for young kids, including Invisalign First

Faster Treatment Time

Patients can now accelerate their treatment time using clever orthodontic technology. In addition to abbreviated forms of Invisalign, you can make your treatment time go by quicker using exciting technology solutions, including the Propel system. This convenient device uses specialized vibrations to facilitate quicker tooth movement for patients. 

With just five minutes of daily use, you can speed up your treatment time by up to 50%, getting you the same great results in less time. 

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