How Much Do Gold Braces Cost?

If you’re someone who likes to bling out everything from your phone case and accessories to your car, why not add something shiny to your already dazzling smile? Gold isn’t just for Olympians, you can also have gold in your braces! Here’s why you should go for the gold when it comes to your orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic treatment is nothing to be ashamed of. You don’t have to hide the fact that you wear braces. Instead, show off your smile and your orthodontic journey with elegant gold braces. For some people, gold is much more complimentary to their skin tone. It’s especially flattering if you have brown or deeper colored eyes. Gold braces also provide a subtle, yet classy addition to your smile.

Although these braces may look like they’re solid gold, through and through. They’re actually made of the same medical-grade stainless steel as conventional braces. Technically, pure gold is too soft to effectively move teeth to their ideal position and would make the cost of treatment way too expensive.

The Use of Gold in Medicine

Gold has been incorporated in ancient medicinal practices from across the globe. In China, India and Egypt, gold has been used for a variety of treatments, some we still even use today.  In fact, the first ever recording of humans using metal appliances to straighten teeth is from a tomb in ancient Egypt and it used gold. At the time, gold was the easiest material to shape to form what would resemble modern-day brackets and wires. 

The precious metal is still highly valued in other areas of medicine. Surgeons have been known to use gold instruments to help lessen bleeding and promote new growth of tissue. 

Gold Braces Cost

You don’t have to be a king to afford a look that gives off a midas touch. Gold braces may sound extravagant, but they actually don’t cost much more than silver braces. In fact, at Smith Orthodontics in Ripley and Parkersburg, gold braces cost the same as traditional silver metal treatment.

The process for getting gold braces is also the same as with getting other types of braces. First, you will need an initial exam, which is free at Smith Orthodontics. During the initial exam the orthodontics team will determine what is the right treatment type for you and your smile. We will take x-rays and digital images and do a thorough exam before giving a recommendation. We also offer a variety of payment options to make gold braces and any of our other treatments affordable. The next thing you know, you’ll be on your way to a brilliant new smile.

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate your own personality into your orthodontic treatment, gold braces might be for you. Gold braces are an elegant yet understated addition to your priceless smile that doesn’t cost any more than traditional braces treatment. Contact your team at Smith Orthodontics to set up your initial consultation today.