How Invisalign First Can Help Your Child’s Smile

Over the years, Invisalign has become an increasingly popular orthodontic treatment option for teens and young adults. But what you may not know is if you have young kids, they can also get Invisalign to help their smiles. If your orthodontist decides your child needs early orthodontics, you should look into getting Invisalign First.

Why Start Orthodontics Early?

While most parents will start thinking about orthodontic treatment for their kids when they approach their pre-teen years, it’s actually important to bring your child to the orthodontist around the age of seven.

Many kids at this age will show signs of jaw development problems, such as narrow dental arches, misaligned bites, or severe crowding. It’s important to address these issues when they’re spotted at an early age to avoid having to get more intrusive treatments later on in life.

The reason you should have your child’s teeth checked at the age of seven is that orthodontists will be able to spot these problems while the permanent teeth are coming in. Starting treatment around this age also works well because the jawbone is still growing, making it more malleable. This creates the perfect window of opportunity to deal with issues that would be much harder to address later on.

What Is Invisalign First?

There are a variety of possible treatments your orthodontist may recommend for your child if they determine early intervention is necessary. One newer option parents can look into is Invisalign First. This early orthodontic treatment involves using clear plastic trays that are made from a precise mold, fitting into place perfectly.

Benefits of Invisalign First

Invisalign First can tackle a wide variety of early orthodontic problems, including narrow dental arches. While older treatments would involve using a metal palatal expander, this treatment option effectively addresses this problem more comfortably.

Other early orthodontic treatment options often require some form of partial braces. With Invisalign First, kids wear invisible plastic aligners to address crowding or irregular spacing. They will be able to eat their favorite foods without worry during treatment. The trays are completely removable, so they’ll be able to snap them out of place for meals to keep them safe. They are also removed during brushing and flossing, resulting in a more thorough cleaning than if they are working around braces.

When kids finish treatment with Invisalign first, they’ll be set up for success several years down the road when it’s time for the second phase of orthodontic treatment. Plus, if they get Invisalign for their second phase of treatment, they’ll already be used to the treatment, making achieving their perfect smile a breeze!

While Invisalign First is a great option for many younger patients, it’s important to listen to the recommendations of your orthodontist to ensure the best results.

If you have any questions about Invisalign First or other forms of early orthodontic treatment, contact Smith Orthodontics today and schedule your free consultation.