Great Lunch Ideas for Teens with Braces

The new school year is here. And while it may not look like a normal school year for some students, they still need good lunch ideas. When your teen is in braces, you will have to make sure their lunches are nutritious, tasty, and safe to eat with braces. Here are some lunch ideas for teens if you find yourself scratching your head trying to decide what to feed them.

Mac N Cheese Is Safe for Braces

Okay, this isn’t exactly a superfood, but if you’re looking for a braces-friendly lunch for your teen when they have braces, macaroni and cheese is a real winner. The noodles and cheese are always a delectable combination and they are more than safe for braces. This option is also good for new patients or those who have had their braces adjusted recently and may have some discomfort.

Whole Wheat Pita Bread and Hummus

This is certainly a leaner option that’s also really delicious. Whole wheat pita is a little better for braces than traditional pita since it is less chewy. Plus, it’s a healthier option as well. You can find all kinds of yummy flavors of hummus that your teen will love. You can also pack slices of meat, cheese, and olives to make it more of a complete meal. Just be sure to skip the traditional Mediterranean veggies since they may be too hard on braces.

Kids with Braces Love Yogurt

While not a complete meal in of itself, yogurt is a tasty protein source that’s just about as safe for braces as you can get. You can pack this with soft varieties of fruit like peaches, bananas, and strawberries for more nutritional punch. Avoid the yogurt packages that include granola or other crunchy mix-ins that could damage brackets or get stuck in wires.

Avocado Bowl

The texture of avocados makes it a perfect lunch idea for teens. Avocados are also highly nutritious and will be a welcomed sight when your teen opens up their lunch. To make this lunch even better, include some rice, beans, and chicken chicken breast in a bowl that can easily be heated up for a filling meal.

Sandwiches and Braces

It’s hard to think of a more classic school lunch than a sandwich. Peanut butter and jelly is always a good way to go and you can whip one up very quickly. Just be sure to stick to seedless jelly and creamy peanut butter since crunchy seeds or chunks of nuts can be hard on braces. You should also stick to whole wheat bread without seeds since white bread tends to be more sticky and can lead to tooth decay, and seeds can be rough on braces. If you’re going to include meats, be sure to stick to softer varieties like turkey and stick to softer veggies as well. Biting into a sandwich can be hard on braces, so cutting or tearing off bite-size pieces may be better.

You can learn more about safe foods to eat with braces along with other ways to care for braces by scheduling your free consultation at Smith Orthodontics today!