Getting Married in 2022? Don’t Forget Your Smile!

If wedding bells are ringing for you in the upcoming months, you most likely have a lot on your plate. Between the flowers, the dress, the food, not to mention the seating chart (don’t forget Uncle John can’t sit next to Aunt Linda!), the thought of getting orthodontic treatment may be at the absolute back of your mind. However, this is a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life, a special day with a lot of photos, and you don’t want to be worried about your smile. Here is why getting braces for brides is so imporant.

When to Start Treatment

Although treatment time is going to depend on how severe your orthodontic issue is, it’s advised to begin treatment six to 12 months before the wedding…closer to 12 if you can. If you have a more severe issue that needs to be corrected, you’re more likely to notice changes with your smile in this amount of time.

If you have a relatively mild issue, beginning treatment three to six months prior to the wedding is recommended. If you plan ahead, you may even be finished with treatment by the time you tie the knot!

Options for Treatment

One of the most popular options for brides and grooms is Invisalign, due to its clear appearance and ease of use. Another great thing about Invisalign is it’s removable, and in some instances, treatment time can be shorter than those with braces. Invisalign is also available in a number of product options, such as:

  • Invisalign Full
  • Invisalign Lite
  • Invisalign Express

Invisalign Full corrects the most severe issues with a treatment duration of roughly 12-24 months. Invisalign Lite is for mild to moderate issues with a treatment time of approximately six to nine months, and Invisalign Express is for very mild issues, with a treatment time of three to six months.

Another option for treatment is ceramic braces. These tooth-colored braces blend in with the teeth and are less noticeable than traditional metal braces. This treatment option is perfect for those who don’t want to worry about their orthodontic treatment and wearing it properly.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign is popular with brides and grooms-to-be and it’s no wonder why! Even if treatment isn’t over before the big day, you’re able to remove the aligners for the majority of the event and capture picture-perfect moments without worrying about your aligners. Plus, with the comfort and invisibility of the aligners, you may even opt to leave them in!

Benefits of Ceramic Braces

Being a more discreet option for orthodontic treatment, ceramic braces work great at correcting your smile before your wedding day and they blend in as well. If you opt for ceramic braces, chances are you will hardly notice them in pictures, and they are able to treat even the toughest orthodontic issues.

Your Big Day

When it comes to your wedding day, your smile matters. All eyes will be on you during this special occasion, so don’t forget about your smile! With the amount of options available and the benefits of orthodontic treatment, deciding to work towards a beautiful smile is a no-brainer! So, amongst the dress and tux fittings, cake tastings and so forth, pencil in time to see your orthodontist and show off that perfect smile with confidence on your big day.