Fun Holiday Gifts for Kids with Braces

With the holidays upon us, it’s time to start thinking about gifts to show how special your child with braces is. Here are a few braces and Invisalign-friendly presents kids will love.

Orthodontic Ornaments Make Great Gifts for Kids with Braces

Many families share the fun tradition of collecting ornaments that capture a special moment they have shared or place they have visited. A braces-themed ornament will bring a grin to any kid’s face. This ornament is an adorable keepsake to remember this pivotal stage of your kid’s journey to a healthier smile and a more confident self.

Braces T-shirt

This fun T-shirt is a funny way to flaunt a new smile in the making. This shirt is also perfect for the sea-life obsessed and kids who love to show off their own brand of humor.

Retainer Buddy

If your child has difficulty remembering to store their retainer or mouth guard after use, instead of letting the mouth gear gather germs on the edge of the sink or get lost, try this funky storage solution! Retainer Buddies come in a host of fun, colorful, and kooky characters. With so many characters to choose from, there’s a retainer buddy to suit everyone. This is the perfect gift for kids and adults alike.

Customizable Retainer Case

For the kid that loves making a name for themselves, order their very own custom retainer case. Next time you pick up your child from a sleepover or soccer practice, you’ll never worry if they accidentally grabbed a friend’s retainer or aligner case by mistake.

Hands-Free Aligner Removal Tool

This modern-looking aligner removal tool is a great stocking-stuffer for your tween or teen who is always on the go. These aesthetically designed tools provide a hands-free way to remove aligners. They are handy for when your child needs a clean, easy way to take out their aligners.

Fun and Teeth-Friendly Ortho Chewy

These colorful, teeth-friendly chewies are perfect for kids who are getting used to their new aligners and braces. Ortho chewables help stimulate blood flow in gums that are swollen from irritation. They help increase the production of saliva, relieving dry mouth caused by dental wear, which can lead to plaque, gum disease, and tooth decay. Not only are these great stocking stuffers your child won’t feel embarrassed by carrying around to soothe their discomfort, they are also great for preventative oral health.

Kids Electric Toothbrush

For the one gift that truly keeps on giving, get them a colorful, electric toothbrush with sonic vibrations. The quip toothbrush is equipped with pulsating vibrations to help guide your child in their oral hygiene routine. What makes this cool toothbrush stand out from other electric toothbrushes is the optional attachment that monitors your child’s brushing habits, making it secretly a gift for you too! The world’s first-ever smart brush provides real rewards from cash to cool merchandise for your child’s good habits.