Don’t Believe These 6 Myths About Braces

Despite living in the information age, there’s quite a bit of misinformation circling around out there, even when it comes to braces. Because of this, we thought we’d clear up some common myths about braces so you can start treatment with more confidence and clarity.

Braces Take Forever

One of the main reasons people get nervous about the idea of starting orthodontic treatment is they think they’ll be in treatment for years and years. While some severe cases of crowding may require longer treatments, the average time patients spend in orthodontic treatment is around 16 to 18 months.

You can even speed up your treatment by using clever solutions like Propel V Pro. By creating precise vibrations on your jaw, this system can reduce your treatment time by up to 50%!

Braces Hurt

This is another fear that can prevent patients from getting their perfect smile with braces. There’s this idea out there that getting braces causes a lot of pain when in reality, that just isn’t the case.

That being said, patients can experience slight tenderness after getting their braces put on along with some sensitivity inside the mouth. But after about a week, you will adjust to having braces and this discomfort should wear off. In fact, if you are still experiencing a lot of pain after a week, you should contact your doctor and let them know because there may be something wrong.

Once You’ve Had Braces, You Won’t Need Them Again

Whether or not this is true for you depends on how well you wear your retainer. Patients who take good care of their retainers and wear them based on their orthodontist’s recommendations shouldn’t need braces again. But when patients fail to wear their retainer properly, they will be vulnerable to regression and may need a second round of orthodontic treatment in the future.

You Can’t Play Sports or an Instrument with Braces

Many people who are very active and play contact sports are afraid their braces will make it impossible to participate. While it’s unwise to continue playing these sports without any special protection for your braces, it’s very possible to continue playing the sports you love by wearing an orthodontic mouthguard. When you get your braces, be sure to ask your orthodontist about getting this piece of equipment.

As far as playing an instrument, it will take some adjusting if you play a wind instrument like a clarinet or trumpet, but after a couple weeks, you will be able to play just like you were before.

Your Smile Will Look Bad with Braces

Perhaps one of the biggest things that prevents people from getting braces is the concern that getting braces will result in a smile you’ll want to hide. However, modern braces are designed to be far more subtle than before. Plus, there are all sorts of fun ways to customize your braces to make them more exciting, such as gold braces, WildSmiles Braces, and more!

Braces Aren’t Worth It

At the end of the day, patients may succumb to the belief that getting braces simply isn’t worth the money or trouble. However, you’ll be amazed at the new smile you’ll be able to proudly show off once your braces are taken off. And straightening your teeth does far more than give you a better-looking smile. You’ll also enjoy more comfort, less tooth wear, and a reduced chance of tooth decay.

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