Can You Be in Marching Band with Braces?

People thinking of starting orthodontic treatment with braces often wonder if they’ll be able to keep doing the things they love while they work to improve their smile. This includes students who participate in or are thinking about joining a marching band with braces. Thankfully, patients can easily adapt to the changes that occur when they get braces and continue to enjoy their regular activities.

Playing in Marching Band with Braces

You may still be wondering, “Wait, how can playing a musical instrument be affected by braces?” If you play the cello, drums, or guitar, obviously braces will not get in the way of practicing or performing.

But for those who play brass or wind instruments, such as the saxophone, clarinet, or trombone, you may find your orthodontic appliances make it difficult to play. This is due to the extra space the braces take up in your mouth, which can affect how your lips fit over your instrument. The brackets and wires may also feel uncomfortable when your mouthpiece pushes them against your lips.

Adjusting to Playing in Band with Braces

“Well hold on, you said not to worry, right?” Exactly! Most patients feel somewhat uncomfortable when they start orthodontic treatment. But after a few weeks, they get used to the feeling of having braces on their teeth, and eating and speaking with them.

The same goes for playing instruments in marching band. After a few weeks of practicing, you’ll find yourself adjusting to the feeling of having your braces and will be back to your typical, musical self. The key is to keep practicing so you can adjust. During this adjustment period, you may want to apply some orthodontic wax to your braces if there are any areas that are especially bothersome.

When Should I Get Braces if I’m in a Band?

As you might be able to guess, it’s not advisable to start braces right before you have a big performance scheduled if you play a brass or wind instrument. Ideally, you’ll want to give yourself ample time to practice playing your instrument with braces so you can show up to the day of the big performance totally ready to go!

This is one of the many reasons why summer is an optimal time to start braces for most students. Not only will you be past the adjustment period where you feel like you’re just learning to play, but also feel prepared to play at your best.

Starting braces during the summer also gives you a chance to figure out how your new brushing and flossing routine fits into your schedule and allows you to discover your favorite meals that still fit into your new food restrictions. By the time the fall comes around, it will feel like just another start to the school year.

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