Braces Issues You Can Solve or Avoid

The idea of adding metal wires and brackets to your teeth to straighten them definitely sounds like it could come with some risks. However, orthodontic treatment with braces has been refined over the years to be incredibly safe and effective for patients. It still isn’t without some potential hiccups, though. Since your orthodontist will be available to monitor and guide your treatment to completion, you will be in good hands if any problems arise. Plus, it’s fairly easy to handle or avoid some issues on your own.

Broken Brackets and Wires on Braces

Obviously, if your braces break, you’ll need to get them fixed by going to the orthodontist. However, this is something that is generally avoidable if you follow a few guidelines. One of the simplest things to do is to adhere to some food restrictions while you have braces. Cut out hard or chewy foods from your diet, such as hard fruits like whole apples, crunchy snacks, and sticky candies like taffy or caramel. Foods like these have a high potential for damaging your braces.

You can also keep your braces safe by wearing a mouthguard during sporting activities like basketball, football, soccer, or other sports where impacts are likely. Be sure to get an orthodontic mouthguard from your orthodontist, which is specifically designed to fit over your braces and provide maximum protection.

The way you clean your teeth can also help keep your braces in good shape. Stick to a braces-specific brush head for your toothbrush, which is designed with longer bristles around the edges to fit the shape of the brackets. Make sure your toothbrush has soft bristles as well.

Dealing with Discomfort

Many patients can experience mild soreness due to the pressure being applied to their teeth once they get braces on their teeth. Thankfully, this is temporary, and the discomfort should subside after several days. You can mitigate this discomfort by only sticking to very soft foods, drinking cold water, massaging your jaw muscles, and taking over-the-counter pain medication.

Another kind of discomfort you may experience with braces is related to the texture of the brackets. Modern braces are far less abrasive than they used to be, but some people can still experience soreness on their gums when they first get their braces installed. You can apply dental wax to your braces to avoid any scraping and to reduce soreness.

While getting orthodontic treatment is very safe, there is still a small chance you may run into some problems. If pain persists or you damage your braces, be sure to make an appointment with your orthodontist right away to address these issues.

Here at Smith Orthodontics, we will make sure you are prepared to handle your time in braces with confidence. We’ll also be here should you have any questions or if any braces issues arise.