Braces and Bullying

When you’re a teen, it seems like there’s always that one person who is out to ruin your day with a mean comment. Unfortunately, bullies are out there in all facets of the world, and it can be difficult if you have braces, because bullies may see you as a target. The good news is you don’t have to be the target of bullying if you choose to rise above it.

When it comes to bullies, we have some helpful tips on how to give them exactly what they DON’T want. Here are our tips on managing braces and bullying, so you can maintain your self-esteem and stay motivated.

Be Confident

Know that you’re on your way to an impressive smile and keep this in mind during treatment, especially if someone is being unkind to you. Bullies like self-doubters, because they are easy prey for teasing. When you’re insecure, that can lead to more teasing, so hold your head up high and show others what they say can’t bother you. 

Wear your braces proudly and don’t worry about the bullies. The truth of the matter is there’s always going to be someone in the world with something nasty to say. Don’t give in to them. Kindness and confidence will always persevere.

Stay Relaxed

It can be easy to get upset when someone says something not nice to you. That’s why when someone puts you in this position, it’s important to diffuse it. Ways to do this include:

  • Walking away
  • Laughing it off
  • Shrugging it off
  • Finding something funny to say

In diffusing the situation and not fueling the fire your bully is trying to create, you show them you’re not interested in participating in their game. When you don’t react the way your bully wants you to, chances are they’re going to get bored and find someone else to try and bother. Remember, when you feel like you’re going to get upset, just take a minute, breathe and let the bully be disappointed.

Remember Why You Started

You started your orthodontic treatment for a reason, so keep it in mind when you’re put in a difficult situation with a bully. You got braces because you want to be able to flash a beautiful smile confidently, and you shouldn’t let some bully ruin that for you. The good news is chances are, you’re not going to be the only one with braces, and when you’re not the odd one out, you’re not as much of a target.

You may also want to surround yourself with a support system who has your back. Family members and friends can help you stay confident and diligent in your efforts to keep any bullies at bay. If you remain calm and collected, you’re not going to have to worry about anyone bullying you because of the level of confidence you give off, and that’s no fun for a bully.

Often times, bullies tease others because they lack confidence in themselves. Keep this in mind while you are on your orthodontic journey. Stay motivated and unphased by bullies. You’ve got this!