5 Reasons Why Your Braces Are Taking Longer

The time commitment of having braces is one reason why some people worry about starting orthodontic treatment. But once you get to look at your brand new smile and enjoy a bite that’s more comfortable, you’ll be very thankful you stuck with it! You’ll get a time estimate of how long your treatment should take once you have your initial consultation, but if you find that your treatment is taking longer than expected, you may find yourself wondering why. Here are some reasons why your braces are taking longer than initially expected.

You Haven’t Been Cleaning Your Teeth

Straightening your teeth sets you up for a smile with fewer complications related to tooth decay. But the actual treatment process puts you at a higher risk for tartar and plaque build-up because of the brackets and wires. This is why it will be more important than ever to brush and floss regularly. If you need to get fillings or deal with fix other dental problems caused by improper dental hygiene while you have braces, it could interrupt the process of straightening your teeth and cause delays.

Your Teeth Aren’t Settled in Their Correct Positions

As you get close to the end of your time with braces, your teeth may look perfectly straight before you’re scheduled to get your braces removed. Don’t worry, your orthodontist isn’t trying to keep you in braces for longer than needed. In order for your teeth to stay where they should, they need a little time to set. So when you get to this point, just keep up the good work!. You’re coming down the home stretch and will be done soon.

Slow Moving Teeth

By taking a close look at your teeth, gathering impressions or digital images, and taking x-rays, your orthodontist will know a lot about your teeth and your jaw. But sometimes, teeth simply move slower than expected. Just hang in there, your perfect smile is worth it!

Missing Orthodontic Appointments

One of the most common causes of braces taking longer is missing appointments. Whether due to forgetfulness or difficulty getting to the office at your allotted time, missing multiple appointments can cause delays in your orthodontic treatment progress. While we understand emergencies happen, you should do your best to make it to every appointment so you complete treatment on time. Scheduling your next appointment before you leave the office often ensures you get more optimal treatment time than if you wait to schedule it a few days before you are due for a check-up.

Your Bite Needs Extra Time to Align

Many patients with braces wear interarch bands to pull their jaws in the right direction to correct underbites or overbites. Whether it’s due to you not wearing your bands properly or due to your jaw needing more time to straighten, your orthodontist may extend your treatment slightly to ensure your bite is corrected before removing your braces.

Here at Smith Orthodontics, we want you to get the best smile and will do what we can to help you complete your treatment on time. We’ll also help you make it to your appointments by providing appointment reminders and scheduling you at times that work for you. Contact us today to get your free consultation scheduled!